Monday, 11 May 2009




Insurance Claims Administrator

Hampshire, UK

Favourite Bands/Singers:
Robbie Williams
Imelda May

Favourite Songs:
All That Jazz (Chicago)
Big Bad Handsome Man (Imelda May)
I dreamed A Dream (Les Miserables)

Favourite Sports/Teams:
I don't do/watch sport

Favourite Foods:
Roast Lamb

Favourite Movies:
It's A Wonderful Life
My Fair Lady

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!):
Johnny Depp

Favourite TV Programs:

Favourite Books:
Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

Favourite Places:


Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA:
Oh What A Night

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA:
Jessie Buckley - The Man That Got Away

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment:

Acting Task with Barry Humphries (talking 'As Long As He Needs Me')

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment:
Jessie Buckley and Gwion0 'Truly Scrumptious'

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
Haven't booked yet but very soon!

My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:
It will be front row obviously!

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scarybush said...

Hey team!

Mum and I went to see Wicked for the 2nd time last weekend and we were once again blown away by Rachel's awesome performance as Elphaba. First time was amazing but this time was a big weekend birthday treat so I was in a MUCH more excitable mood, therefore even more stunned at Rachel's amazing talent. Mum actually cried at the end of Defying Gravity - embarrassing! We hope to come and see the show again in the next couple of months and would love to visit the stage door to meet Rachel and Louise, that would be fantastic! Congratulations Rachel on your much need and well overdue recognition and success, you so deserve all the praise that you get.

Lots of love

Emma xxxx