Thursday, 31 July 2008

Emilia Lucia


27th November


Chester, UK

Favourite Bands/Singers:
Rachel Tucker
Scouting For Girls
The Beach Boys
Ruthie Henshall
A Fine Frenzy
Anything by Andrew Lloyd Webber!
The Four Seasons
Take That!
Michael Buble

Favourite Songs:
I Don't Wanna Miss A Thing (Aerosmith)
As If We Never Said Goodbye (Sunset Boulevard)
Maybe This Time / Cabaret (Cabaret)
I Dreamed A Dream (Les Miserables)
Heartbeat (Scouting For Girls)
New York, New York (Frank Sinatra)
Let it Be (The Beatles)
Oh What Night! (The Four Seasons)

Favourite Foods:

Favourite Movies:
My Fair Lady
The Sound of Music
Moulin Rouge
The King & I
James Bond
Batman - The Dark Knight
The Phantom of the Opera
Mamma Mia (But I prefer the stage production)
The Godfather

Favourite TV Programs:
Gossip Girl
One Tree Hill
Without a Trace
Desperate Housewives
How I Met Your Mother
The Hills!
Gilmore Girls

Favourite Books:
To Kill A Mockingbird (The best book ever written!)

Favourite Places:

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA:
2.For Once in my Life
3.About You Now

Favourite 3 Non Rachel Performance on IDA:
1.Jodie Prenger - I Have Nothing
2.Rachel, Jodie & Ashley - Man! I Feel Like A Woman
3.The Finalists Plus Rachel - The Farewell / As Long As He Needs Me

Favourite Rachel 3 IDA Moments:
1.How excited and happy and proud she was after her comments for Cabaret (Cameron Mackintosh - "By George, she's got it!"
2.The kissing challenge with Ben Ellis and then..."Ohh give us another!"
3.In Nancy school when Andrew saw her acting and said he got "tingles" just listening to that small piece of script.

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment
When Samantha was in the bottom two! Not in a nasty way, but she should have been there before, as should have Jessie!

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
Her first Saturday night performance!
Couldn't be more excited!


Andy said...

Thanks for joining Team Tucker Emilia.

I really want to see the new Batman movie but haven't got around to it yet. I take it as you have it down as one of your favourite movies you would say it's worth watching?

Kristin Nicole said...

Totally TOTALLY agree on To Kill a Mockingbird being the best book ever written.

Atticus Finch is probably my favorite literary character ever. Well, male atleast. Scarlett O'Hara is my favorite female ;)

I'm determined to name a future daughter Harper :)

Chris Worthing said...

Hi Emilia
Youre dead right I shouldnt have described Rachels voice as warbling!Its one of the most beautiful voices Ive heard in ages,I cant get enough of her..Id love to see her do a duet with Dido one day,think that would be amazing!

Emilia Lucia said...

Chris, I have to say possibly the best duet with Rachel I could ever dream of would be herself and Ruthie Henshall singing "I Dreamed A Dream" from Les Mis!

Because her Irish lilt and her strong bottom range would just be mind blowing! Check out Ruthie singing it on Youtube and imagine Rachel doing it and you will completely get where I'm coming from!