Saturday, 26 July 2008





Stirling (Soon to be Cambridge)

Favourite Bands/Singers
The Kinks
Billy Joel
James Taylor
Carole King

Favourite Songs
Waterloo Sunset - The Kinks
Golden Brown - The Stranglers
Nobody Does It Better - Carly Simon
No-one But You - Queen

Favourite Sports/Teams
Football / Bolton Wanderers

Favourite Foods

Favourite Movies
Brief Encounter
The Sound of Music

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)
Hugh Laurie

Favourite TV Programs
Grey's Anatomy

Favourite Books
Shadow of the Wind - Carlos Ruis Zafon
The Magus - John Fowles
Pride and Prejudice - Austen

Favourite Places
St Andrews, Edinburgh.

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA
As Long As He Needs Me

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA
Truly Scrumptious - Jessie and Gwion

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment
Her exit interview...
When she admitted, in a whisper, that she was aiming for Broadway!

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment
The Hairspray mission.


Andy said...

Welcome to Team Tucker Helen.

Congratulations to Bolton on avoiding the drop last season. I must admit I thought they were gone there for a minute. Hope you have a great season.

How did I forget about Rachel's beautiful exit interview? I agree that has to be one of the best moments for sure.


David said...

If you fancy hooking up on Facebook, our pages are: (David) (Andy)

Helen said...

Excellent, I'll have a look for you both :)

Good old Bolton, always taking it to the wire. I think heartache is part of the course being a Bolton fan!! Down this season, I think :(

Cutie-Fee said...

your really from ramsbottom
awsome x
you mite no sum1 i know
lol :P
i absoloutly adore rachel
i wrote her a fan letter when she was in ida
and i got one back x
i would love to put it on this site to show people how really really lovely she is
i cant explain how amazing her as long as he needs me was :)
anyway write back sooon fee

Kristin Nicole said...

To be honest, I didn't understand a damn thing about football for the longest time. Even my first two years at college I only went to a couple games (like 2, maybe 3).

My junior year I went to like 3 and got more into the game....and then my senior year I went to every single home game except one (was in tech rehearsals for the Scarlet Pimpernel at the time) and one away game (a total of like...8-10 games). I LOVE it. I count down until football season! Two and a half weeks to go until this year starts up!

It's just a good time, lots of yelling and screaming and beer drinking lol