Sunday, 27 July 2008

Chris Hawley



Finance Director

Epsom, UK

Favourite Bands/Singers
Too many to list but include:
Stone Roses

Favourite Songs

Again too many to list (I have very diverse taste!)
But top of my iPod are currently:
One To Another, Charlatans
Divine, Sebastian Tellier

Favourite Sports/Teams
Football / Oldham Athletic

Favourite Foods

Favourite Movies
Flashbacks Of A Fool (2008)
Pulp Fiction (1994/5)
The Cannonball Run (1980-ish)

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)
Debbie Harry (Circa 1980)

Favourite TV Programs
Life On Mars
Drop Dead Gorgeous

Favourite Books
The Green Mile by Stephen King (Way better than the film)
Vernon God Little by DBC Pierre
The Crow Road by Iain Banks
Marabou Stork Nightmares by Irvine Welsh

Favourite Places
Riva del Garda by night (Northernmost point of Lake Garda)
Tioman Island, Malaysia

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA
About You Now

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA
Memories - Sam & Rachel Sing Off

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment
Saying "How can I sing 'I am beautiful' when I have a slanty mouth"
(Can't remember her exact words but it was sweet!)

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment
Jodie on realising she'd got into the final 12, running down the path and yelling "I'm so chuffin 'appy!"

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
Monday 22nd September 2008 - Opening Night

My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:
Circle, Row A (yay!), Seats 19-20


Andy said...

As one of the people who suggested it would be nice to have a place where fans can interact you have to take some of the credit for Team Tucker Chris.

We always appreciate fans suggestions and this is proving to be a popular addition to the site.

As an Oldham fan it looks like we'll be going head to head at some stage this season. How do you think you'll fair in league one this time around?

I don't know how often you get down to Boundary Park but I'll never forget a match we (Bristol Rovers) had there a few years back. We went 3-0 down inside 10 minutes but clawed our way back to 3-3 by half time. Then Oldham regained the lead just after the break before we levelled the match with a last minute penalty. It has to be one of the most exciting matches I've seen.

Great to have you on the team.


David said...

Hi Chris

Yes all this is my daughter's fault -- she described Rachel at the time as 'nice.' Bit of an understatement I'd have thought.

I can't really see the Dominion letting us into rehearsals though if they did it would cost me a bit as I live in Belfast. Not that I would mind if they said yes of course.

The blog has certainly grown a bit since my first post of six Rachel pictures. I'm totally gobsmacked at how far we've come and we've really only begun as far as Rachel's journey is concerned. It's great to have so many devoted fans on board.

jo said...

Hi chris,

i would of loved for you to be able to wave down to me from the circle lol, but i am not going on the opening night like you are (sad face), i am going to see rachel in december, which will be an awesome christmas present for me, it will feel like all of my christmas's and birthdays have come at once!!

Sounds like you will have awesome seats for rachel's opening night, you will be able to see everything, to be honest i am a bit worried that i am going to come out of the theatre with a stiff neck from seating in row a of the stalls, but as andy said to me i will almost be able to reach out and touch rachel from there lol!!!

jo xx

Andy said...

I'd find it hard to predict how Rovers will fair this season.

Last season we did very well up to the end of February; we were still in touch with the play off's and into the Quarter Final of the FA Cup. However after losing that Qtr Final to West Brom we only managed to win 1 of our last 15 league games and ended up finishing 16.

I think I'd settle for a top half finish this time around; play off's would be a bonus.