Monday, 28 July 2008

Shaunie Dennis



Wales, UK


Favourite Bands/Singers:
Rachel Tucker of course!
Joss Stone
Katharine Mcphee
Whitney Houston
Leona Lewis
Amy Winehouse
Eva Cassidy
James Morrison
Katie Melua
Girls Aloud
Jordin Sparks

Favourite Songs:
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland/Eva Cassidy
Memory- Cats
Right to be wrong - Joss Stone
What Were We Thinking - Joss Stone
I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
I Have Nothing - Whitney Houston
The Rose - Bette Midler
Wind Beneath My Wings - Bette Midler
Yesterday - Leona Lewis
Take A Bow - Leona Lewis
Make You Feel My love - Bob Dylan/Adele
And Many More......

Favourite Foods:

Favourite Movies:
Dirty Dancing
Pretty Woman
Officer and Gentlemen
Sex and the City
Angus Thongs And Perfect Snogging
It's A Wonderful Life
The BodyGuard

Favourite TV Programme:
I'd Do Anything (I know its over but I love it!)
Britains Next Top Model
The Hills
Laguna Beach
Big Brother
X Factor
American Idol

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances:
Aww I love them all....
The Way We Were
I Will Always Love You

Favourite Non Rachel Performance:
All the Group Performances :D
Including the Trio's and Sing Offs.

Favourite Rachel IDA Moments:
Theres soo many, here's a few.
The Jaws Joke
'He's Lovely'
All of Rachel's Performances and VTs
The Exit Interview
Getting through to the top 12! :D

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moments:
The Group Missions.
The IDA Backstage clips.

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
Friday 26-Sep-2008 - Opening Week (I can't wait!)

My Seat in The Theatre - Row/Number:
Not sure yet!


Andy said...

Great to have you onboard Shaunie.

As one of Rachel's biggest fans it only seems right that you are part of the team.

You're a fan of American Idol I see. I love the show and have albums by Carrie Underwood, Kellie Pickler, Katherine Mcphee, Jordin Sparks and plan on purchasing David Cooks later in the year.

Thanks for joining Shaunie.


David said...

Hi Shaunie

Welcome to Team Tucker!

You're something of a legend in Rachel circles thanks to your fantastic support for our girl on the Digital Spy forums during IDA!

You did a great job and your efforts were of course acknowledged by Rachel herself!

Great to have you here and also great to see you have tickets for Rachel's opening week.


Shaunie93 said...

Aww thanks Andy and David, I am sooo happy to be a part of Team Tucker (The Best Team in the World)!

Andy I am a Huge Fan of American Idol especially season 5, Katharine Mcphee is one of my Favourite singers!

David I love supporting Rachel and will continue supporting her in whatever she wants to do in the future! Rachel's an inspiration and I can't wait to see her shine on the West End Stage! I've never been soo excited! ahh :D

Thanks again to you both for the lovely welcome to Team Tucker! :D

Love Shaunie xoxoxo :D

Andy said...

Katherine so should have won Season 5 of AI. How America chose Taylor over her I'll never know.

Do you have her album Shaunie?

I'm sure I read her second album is due for release around Christmas this year. I could be wrong about that though.

David said...

If you fancy hooking up on Facebook, our pages are: (David) (Andy)

Shaunie93 said...

Hey Guys! :D

Andy,I do have Katharine's Album I love it!
Your right her new album is due out around Christmas time.
Have you heard about the Film she's in which is coming out in October over here?
I can't wait to see it! :D

David aww yeah I would love to add you both on facebook I am addicted to that site at the moment lol! :D
Thanks again to you both!

Love Shaunie xoxox :D

Andy said...

No I hadn't heard about Katherine's movie.

I've just looked up a few details on it and it sounds rigt up her street. I'm sure she'll be great and I'm already looking forward to seeing it in October.

Thanks for the information.

susie said...

hi shuanie,gr8 to catch up with you again.
am goin to see rachel at pride on sat,really lookin forward to it..fingers crossed weather is good ,susie

Shaunie93 said...
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Shaunie93 said...

lol No problem Andy.:D

Hey Susie, sorry if i'm late, Nice to talk to you again, Yay! your going to see Rachel (Lucky you):D , Hope you have a great time and I hope the weather is nice and sunny.:D
Talk Soon

Love Shaunie xoxo

cathybabe7733 said...

Hey Shaunie

Thought I'd Comment
I dont know why lol
Hope you enjoy the rest of summer hols 08
Year 11 here we come ahhh lol
See you soon,
Cath xoxoxo