Monday, 28 July 2008

Lauren Pitman



29-May-1989 (Same day as Rachel I think!)

Studying Publishing with Journalism
(It’s more interesting than it sounds!)

Aberdeen, Scotland.

Favourite Bands/Singers
David Bowie
The Beatles

Favourite Songs
Across The Universe (Anthology version) by The Beatles.
For Good from ‘Wicked’.
The Stars Shine In The Sky Tonight by Eels

Favourite Sports/Teams
And the Scotland Rugby Team.

Favourite Foods
And home made Carbonara.

Favourite Movies
The Breakfast Club
Practical Magic
The Lord Of the Rings Trilogy
Monty Python and The Holy Grail
(That was a hard question!!)

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)
David Tennant… is he a pin up!?

Favourite TV Programs
Doctor Who

Favourite Books
Wicked by Gregory Maguire
The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies of The Apocalypse by Robert Rankin
+ Most things by Stephen King.

Favourite Places
In my parents' house.
In a theatre =).

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA
Cabaret - Goosebumps every time I watch it!
You’ve Got a Friend - I just love it =)
The Way We Were - A-MA-ZING.

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA
Midnight Train To Georgia - Sarah (Love!)
As If We Never Said Goodbye - Sarah & Rachel Sing Off
And Viva Las Vegas!

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment
The ‘Hairspray’ task - “Give us another one!” Haha!
And the Jaws Joke!

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment
Sarah’s teapot VT!

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
I don’t. *cry* I want to goooo! I’ll be going in January! I promise!

My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:
I'll get back to you nearer January!


Andy said...

Hi Lauren

Firstly, WICKED picture. That’s just the cool sort of photo I wanted to take but sadly I'm useless at photography and not very photogenic lol.

We seem to have a fair bit in common - Tennis, Stephen King and although I haven't listed it I love Doctor Who as well. Oh and Labyrinth was such a cool movie.

I also should have listed Scotland as one of my favourite places. I've had some of my best holidays up there; the scenery is just beautiful.

Do you just play tennis or watch it as well?

I'm guessing if you follow the ATP you'll be a big Andy Murray fan. I stayed up a couple nights last week to watch his matches against Djockovic and Nadal. Amazing win over the Serb and he even gave Nadal a good game which is very hard to do right now.

David Tennant is the best Doctor Who ever. I'm sure a lot of girls would consider him a pin up so that’s absolutely fine.

I've never actually watched Torchwood but a few days ago I did order Seasons 1&2 on DVD. Is it similar to Doctor Who?

Lastly, we're never going to have any trouble remembering your Birthday are we lol.

Great to have you on the team Lauren!


Laur-On-Toast said...

LOL at the picture comment. I'm just a bit of a poser... eek! Though generally not that photogenic either! For the record, you look pretty photogenic in your pictures, so =)

Aye, it does seem like we have a fair bit in common! Lol!

I try to play tennis, but usually I fail! I'm pretty unfit! I love watching it though! And yes, I'm an Andy Murray fan, and Jamie Murray too! C'mon the Scots! But I must say Nadal is progressing up my favourite players list. His win at Wimbledon was amazing! Who were you supporting?

Stephen King is just a genius. I'm reading Pet Sematary at the moment (for the umpteenth time!) - it's probably my favourite King novel. Ashamedly I've never read the Dark Tower series, but I have them lying around somewhere!

Completely agree about DT being the best Doctor ever! And Torchwood is pretty amazing - if at times a little crude! The cast is brilliant though!

Thanks for the welcome! I'm glad I joined! I was worried being a Sarah fan would mean I wasn't able to! Heh. That reminds me, I should have listed 'As If We Never Said Goodbye' in my faourite performances list, would you mind adding it in? =)

Andy said...

Thanks for the picture compliment.

The Wimbledon final was just incredible and I have to say I was rooting for Nadal. It's impossible not to like this guy; I think he's fantastic for the sport.

I often go to Wimbledon – I queue overnight for show court tickets - and last year was lucky enough to see Jamie and Jelena in the Doubles. That was really fun; they seemed to be having a blast on court. Jelena has probably been my favourite female player since then; although I was a little disappointed she chose not to team up with Jamie again to defend their title.

This year I was scheduled to go on the second Monday but family commitments meant it didn't happen. I'm gutted because that was the day Andy came back from 2 sets down to beat Gasquet.

Have you ever been to Wimbledon? I guess it would be a 600+ mile trip and probably about a 12 hour drive from Aberdeen.

Pet Sematary is one of my favourites to. I have about 17 King novels on my shelf and that doesn't include the 7 Dark Tower books. I must admit reading a 7 book series was a bit daunting at the beginning but I would definitely say it's worth it. Wizard and Glass is probably the best but they are all great.

Do you know if DT is signed up for the next series of Doctor Who?

I've added 'As If We Never Said Goodbye' to your favourite performance list.

Everyone is welcome here at Team Tucker and I really glad you decided to join.

Laur... said...

I've never been to Wimbledon =( I've been to the Aberdeen Cup a couple of times to see the Murray brothers though! I'd love to go to Wimbledon, but I must confess if I'm making the long journey to London I'd much rather spend my time in the city center, or in the theatres! I'm a sucker for getting last minute tickets to shows! Plus, queuing overnight sounds like it would disagree with me! Lol! The only thing I've ever queued past midnight for is Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows... (*geeeeek*) It was worth it!

As far as I'm aware DT has signed on for 2009, but they're not doing an actual series- just several specials. I think it's in order to allow DT to dabble in other areas (such as Shakespear!) whilst still remaining committed to DW! And *fingers crossed* for 2010- I LOVE Steven Moffatt!!

I might give The Dark Tower series a try! I need a new book to get into this summer!

Andy said...

I'm actually going to Wimbledon again on Sunday 21t September to watch the Britain in Davis cup action. Hopefully I'll see at least one of the Murray brothers in action.

It will work out quite well because I'll obviously book somewhere to stay and I'll already be in London ready for 'We Will Rock You' on Monday evening.

LOL - At your "queuing overnight sounds like it would disagree with me" comment. Almost everybody takes a tent and the queue starts in this huge park about 1/4 mile from the entrance to the grounds (Until this year the queue started nearer the grounds and the first few hundred were situated on a path by the side of a main road). There are toilet facilities and catering vans so it's not too bad. I must admit I never get much sleep though.

Have you been to London?

That's a bit of a blow. I didn't realise there wasn't going to be a new series of DW next year. 2010 seems a long way off right now. Still if it means they keep DT it's probably the right move.

Laur... said...

Aaah, I'm so jealous that you're going to opening night! I really do wish I lived closer to London! January seems really far away! I'll be there in spirit! Hmm... And later that week I'm going to see Sarah twice in Glasgow so that kind of makes up for it!

Maybe I'll get a card sent to the theatre for Rachel or something. *lightbulb!* Maybe someone could organise a sort of group card where members of Team Tucker who can't make opening night add wee messages? And we could get it sent to the theatre... Hmm...

Yeah I've been to London a few times! I was down at the start of July with my friends, which was amazing! (And I met Sarah =D Eee!) I'm going down again in January with my mum! I think she's getting sick of "Can we go an see We Will Rock You, pleeeeaaassse?" She loves the theatre, and she liked Rachel, so when it comes to booking tickets I doubt it will be a problem! Lol!

How far away from London are you? I'm sure you said you lived in Bristor, but my Geography is attrocious!

Tents, toilets and food vans doesn't sound that bad I guess! Maybe if I ever live closer to the capital I'll make it to Wimbledon! Hopefully I'll be in London for 6 weeks at the start of next year on placement, but it all depends on what my University agrees to. *fingers crossed*

Laur... said...


Damn typos.

Andy said...

A Team Tucker card for Rachel is a FANTASTIC idea. I'll discuss it with David and if he agrees we'll post something on the main blog about it soon.

Wow that must have been great to meet Sarah in London and her performing in Glasgow has worked out great for you. Although I expect that still a good 100 miles from Aberdeen.

I guess I live about 150 from the West End; maybe a little less. It normally takes 3-4 hours but that's as much down to the traffic in and around London as it is the distance I have to travel.

Just a quick note on Wimbledon. You can just turn up on the day of play, queue for probably an hour and get in. That gets you a ground pass which means you can go on all courts apart from 1, 2 & Centre. If you go during the first week there are still top players on the outside courts so it's a good alternative to sleeping overnight if you don't fancy it too much.

jo said...

hey lauren, brilliant idea about a card for rachel on her opening night, it would be great for those who can't make her opening night and members of team tucker to show there support in some way, i definately would be up for that!!

jo xx

Laur... said...

Would you mind if I posted the idea about the card on DS? Just in the Rachel Thread? Or do you want to do it after you've discussed it with David? I'll gladly do the organising and stuff if you like? :)

And yeah, Glasgow is still about 100 miles from Aberdeen, but it's much cheaper and quicker to get to than London! Lol!

Andy said...

I've spoken to David and we're going to run with your Team Tucker card idea Lauren.

You will only be able to include a personal message in the card if you are a member of TT.

Hopefully it might encourage a few more to join.

Full details will be posted on the main blog within the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for the fantastic idea.

Andy said...

LOL - Your comment appeared just as I published mine.

I'd rather you didn't post it on DS because we'd like to make it a Team Tucker project.

We will make it very clear it was your idea when we post the details on the main blog.

Once we make the post you can plug it as much as you like on DS and we're happy for you to take all the credit.

We were going to arrange for the messages to be sent via email to either myself or David and we'd then enclose them in the best Good Luck card we can find. Then we'd send it on to the theatre.

Does that sounds Ok to you or would you do anything differently?

David said...

Great idea re the card Lauren!

I'm so pleased that Team Tucker are coming up with such good ideas.

Andy said...

We've published the Team Tucker card post Lauren. We couldn't wait any longer because we think it's such a fantastic suggestion.

Feel free to mention it on DS.

I will include a note on the card itself to say that it was you who came up with this great idea.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lauren great idea about the card! Hopefully Rach will love it and cherish it forever:))

I see you like HP as well, have you seen the new trailer i think it looks better than GOF and OoTP already lol!


Laur... said...

Thank you guys, I think my ego just swelled a few centimeters in diameter... =P

And Jmor27, I have indeed seen the trailer! HOW excited am I!?! Actually LOVE Harry Potter! Yay! ... I wonder if Rachel likes Harry Potter? Lol!

hogan0208 said...

awsome idea dude!

I'll be e-mailing my message for the good ol' Rachel soon!!

Andy said...

I don't know whether you watched the match on Sky or if you've even heard the news but Andy Murray won his first Masters Series title tonight.

He beat Novak Djockovic 7-6/7-6 in the Cincinnati final.

Laur... said...

I don't have Sky, but BBC sport kept me nice and updated! =D I was pretty damn chuffed! Nice to see him in the opening ceremony for the Olymics today too! As well as Jamie!!

Aaah, Olympics! *love*!

Andy said...

I missed the opening ceremony of the Olympics because of work but from what I've heard it was pretty amazing.

I'm really looking forward to watching the coverage over the next couple of weeks though; hopefully we can come back with a few medals.