Monday, 28 July 2008

Kimberley Churchill


31- Oct-1987

Financial Guru!
Not fun or exciting in any way!!

Portsmouth, England!

Favourite Bands/Singers
The Kooks
Six Nation State

Favourite Songs
The classics such as:
'Don't Stop me now' and 'Summer of 69'

Love all of the Wicked! soundtrack and Mamma Mia

Favourite Sports/Teams
Athletics, Football, Rugby and Tennis!
Massive Portsmouth FC fan!
And London Irish Rugby Union!

Favourite Foods
Pizza, Pasta, Salomon, chips!

Favourite Movies
Dirty Dancing
Top Gun
Mean Girls
To Kill a Mockingbird
(The usual Chick Flicks)
To Kill a Mockingbird
Cool Runnings

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)
David Beckham!

Favourite TV Programs
Big Brother

Favourite Books
Noughts and Crosses by Malorie Blackman
Checkmate by Malorie Blackman
Knife Edge by Malorie Blackman
Anything by Marion Keyes or Cecelia Ahern

Favourite Places
Los Angeles,
A country pub with my friends, a Sunday Roast and lots of cider!
Fratton Park! Home of Portsmouth FC

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA
- Utterly, Gobsmackingly, Amazing!!

- Fantastic, I just knew she was special with that performance.

As if we never said Goodbye
- The best sing off of the whole competition IMO! There were tears!

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA
Take another piece of my heart - Sarah
Midnight Train to Georgia - Sarah
As Long as he needs me - Jodie!

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment
The Jaws joke - I told it the other day!! Ha!

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment
Olivers choose Sarah!
Nimah 'If all else fails i just lift up my skirt'

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
I haven't yet! I'm working on it tho!

My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:
None yet..... =[


Andy said...

Thanks for joining the team Kimberley.

Don't tell anyone but I'm liking your chick flick list lol.

Portsmouth had a great 2007/2008 season. It's amazing to think how far the club have come over recent years. With Defoe and Crouch up front I expect you'll have a successful 2008/2009 as well.

It's great to have you onboard.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Andy...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a good 08/09 season! Looking forward to going across Europe too!!

I'm proud to be a member of Team Tucker!!

Andy said...

Of course; you won the FA Cup. How did I forget that? Fergie stills has nightmares about that semi final lol.

Wow, I've just checked your fixtures and talk about a tough start. Man Utd in the Charity Shield and then your opening 2 PL matches are Chelsea away and Man Utd at home. That’s followed by a trip to Everton which won't be easy either.

It doesn't get much tougher than that.

I thought we (Bristol Rovers) had a tough start against Carlisle LOL.

Do you know who you play in Europe yet?

Anonymous said...

Tell me about it! Hopefully we'll be feeling fresh! We seem to do quite well against Man U. so fingers crossed for that!
And it means that our end to the season isn't as hard!

We don't find out about the Europe fixtures until the end of August I believe! Fingers crossed it is somewhere nice!

Winning the FA cup still brings a smile to my face!! I went to the parade the next day and AMAZING doesn't quite sum it up!

Good Luck to Bristol Rovers too! I'm sure I have seen them play against Bournemouth before!

Andy said...

Do you intend on travelling to the European games?

Rovers have just come back from a pre season tour of Sweden and Denmark (probably as close to European football as we're ever likely to get lol) and I would have loved to have gone but work commitments made it impossible.

The FA Cup is still the best cup in the world and to win it is something you'll never forget I'm sure. Rovers actually made the Quarter Final last year and that cup run was probably the highlight of our season.

About 10 years ago (I can't remember exactly) both Rovers and Portsmouth were in what’s now called the Championship. I've been down to Fratton Park to watch us play a few times and the atmosphere was already superb.

Since then you've gone up a division and we got relegated TWICE; thankfully we managed to win promotion back into league one in 2007.

I went to Bournemouth towards the end of last season to watch us lose 2-1. It was right in the middle of their revival run. I felt a bit sorry for them when they eventually went down because they made a real fight of it despite their 10 point deduction.

Anonymous said...

I'm hoping to get to at least one away European game!!
It's too good an opportunity to miss I think! Who knows when it will come along again!?

I agree about the FA Cup! I absolutely adore it! Especially as I live quite near to Havant and Waterlooville too!
Their cup run last year was tremendous and I had tickets for Anfield but I couldn't make it!

I hope things improve for Bristol Rovers, who knows they could reach the dizzy heights of the Premiership soon!!

Andy said...

I'd be delighted Rovers could get back into the Championship. I think Premiership football will remain a dream for some time yet lol.

I hope you get a great draw in Europe Kimberley, especially as you're planning to go to the game.

If you could hand pick your opponents which country would they play in?

Anonymous said...

Well, on the one hand I'd like an easy draw (if one exists!) but on the other I'd like us to get some great teams, for the experience! I'm hoping Spain/Italy or France to go to, but I would quite like to visit Norway, Sweden or Finland!

I wish lots of luck to Rovers! Who knows...We could be crossing paths in the FA cup!!

Im hoping to go to London in Feb next year! WWRY is now top of the list!!

Andy said...

Have you been to any pre season friendly matches Kimberley?

Anonymous said...

Nope! I am going to the Community Sheild though!!

Andy said...

Sounds a bit more exciting than Rotherham (Away) which is where I'm heading to watch Rovers in their next pre season friendly.