Friday, 25 July 2008

Jo Smeaton





Favourite Bands/Singers:
Chris Brown
Scouting For Girls
Ne Yo.

Favourite Songs:
Summer of 69 - Brian Adams
I Wanna Dance With Somebody - Whitney Houston
Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

Favourite Sports/ Teams:

Favourite Foods:

Favourite Movies:
All of the Harry Potter films.

Favourite Books:
All of the Harry Potter books.

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA:
Oh what a night
I will always love you

Favourite Non Rachel Performance:
Memory - Sam Sing Off

Favourite Rachel Moment:
Her reaction to the judges comments of her caberet performance, she was so happy and excited.

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment:
Jessie getting through to the final two and celebrating with Rachel!!
(I know its a non Rachel IDA moment but thats all I could think of and I found it really sweet!!)

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
Monday 15th December 2008

My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:
Row A / Seat 20


Andy said...

Hi Jo

Firstly thanks for joining Team Tucker.

I just wanted to let you know that I've added 2 more questions to my original profile template:

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:

If you'd like me to add these to your post just send me an email and I'll add them in.


Andy said...

Hi again Jo

I've updated your profile with the new information.

It sounds like you'll have great seats; you'll almost be able to reach out and touch Rachel from there lol.

I know you wanted to be there on opening night but one thing you can be sure of is that Rachel will put on an equally stunning performance every time she takes to the stage.

It will be worth the wait and give you something to look forward to after all that studying that lies ahead.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jo!

Well thank you very much I really appreciate it and i'm very glad everyone seems to like it. Look out for more videos in the future then! I think next on my list is Daniel Boys lol fan of him?

And about the sports thats really cool, I used to play football on the local teams up until high school but i still like to juggle it once in a while lol makes me look good haha! i just need a goal net in the yard and im good to go!!
And I'm usually good at sports but basketball is my weakest all im good at is making 3pointers lmao! but that's when no one is guarding me of course!(OBV)

Softball isn't it called somehting else over there, like rounders or something like that? Anyway it's pretty much baseball but with girls lol all you need is good reflexes, good vision, and not afraid to get dirty lol i sound so cocky!! When it comes to hitting I choke a lot that's my weakness, especially when the pitcher is pitching 50-60 miles and hour lol well you can't blame me!

Anyways not sure if i'll play in college, even though my friends think i should. I might just have to focus on my film major if you want more professional Rachel videos in the future HAHA!

I wouldn't complain not going to opening night lol, try being in another country! But I'm sure during Christmas time Rachel will be on top form!

Nice meeting you Jo!

Andy said...

Thanks for the excellent picture Jo.

It looks like you had a real blast on your 18th.

You do realise stealing trolleys is an offence LOL.

David said...

If you fancy hooking up on Facebook, our pages are: (David) (Andy)

ChrisH said...

Hey Jo,

Row A, seat 20....... I hope that's the Stalls you're on about and not the Circle, cos Row A seat 20 in the Circle is my seat!!

I'll wave down at you!



susie said...

hi jo ,thanx 4 ur was fantastic seein rachel,it all went mush too quickly!!shes sooo professional!!! susie

Anonymous said...

hello jo!

sorry i read your comment rather late, i think we need a way so something tells us we have a new comment! lol

i had a change of plans lol im just not in the mood to make the video for daniel right now. At the moment im working back to back on a Sam and Jessie tribute (thinking two at the same time will save time lol well see!)

Actually im not a fan of Any Dream Will Do? well not like Maria and Nancy that is. The Josephs to me just weren't as good as the former two. I thought they were great as a group but in the solo performances i just wasnt blown away :(

Daniel was my favorite cuz i like his voice and i knew he would go on to better things and he did! lol i cant say i am obsessed with him as maybe Niamh or Rachel but I do try to keep up to what he's been doing since Joseph.

I wouldn't even be making a video for him but one of my fellow nancy friends requested it! and i couldnt say no to her lol

again sorry for the late comment! you might not read this for awhile as well


ChrisH said...

Hey Jo,

Just got your Facebook message - yes the ticket is yours if you want it!

I'm aiming to be at Dominion theatre between 6 and 6.30 and will try and see if I can recognise David and Andy from their profile pics. Shall I meet you there?


Rosie said...

Jo!!! Can i just say you actually sound like my twin?

Not only are you an obsessive Rachel fan, but love all the Harry Potter books! They're my FAVOURITES, have read all of them at least 7 times cover to cover... queued at midnight to get the last one etc.etc. i'm sure you get the point!

Was so good to meet you on Monday! xxx