Saturday, 26 July 2008

Jessica - Aka Jmor


February 28th, 1991

High School!

Massachusetts, USA

Favorite Bands/Singers:
The Dresden Dolls
The Marias
Andrew Lloyd Webber
The Nancys
Siobhan Dillon
Niamh Perry
Samantha Barks
The Josephs
Kerry Ellis
Idina Menzel
Imogen Heap
Too many LOL

Favorite Songs:
No-One But You
Close Every Door
Let Go- Frou Frou
Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again
No Good Deed
I Dreamed a Dream

Favorite Sports/Teams:
Red Sox

Favorite Foods:

Favorite Movies:
Harry Potter Films
Xmen 1&2
Billy Elliot
A Little Princess
The Sound of Music
About a Boy

Favorite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)
Siobhan Dillon

Favorite TV Programs:
House M.D
ALW Reality TV 3 year Series lol!!
The Graham Norton Show

Favorite Books:
Harry Potter Series
Looking For Alaska

Favorite Places:
St. Ives Cornwall

Favorite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA:
Oh What a Night!
The Way We Were

Favorite Non Rachel Performance on IDA:
Fings Ain't What They Used To Be - Top 7 Group Song

Favorite Rachel IDA Moment:
"He's Lovely"

Favorite Non Rachel IDA Moment:
Anything that comes out of Niamh's mouth

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
February 30th, 2009

My Seat in the Theatre- Row/Number:
In Andy's mysterious seat!!!


Andy said...

Hi Jess

Great that you've finally made it to Team Tucker. The place wouldn't have been the same without you.

You'll have a great view of the stage from my mysterious seat; even better if your sat on my lap lol.

Are you really flying over to see her perform? That would be an amazing show of support.

Oh I changed the date to Feb 2009 as I assumed 2008 was a typo.

Interesting that you list St.Ives as your favourite place; I was there myself last week and one of my friends lives there.


PS. Thanks again for all the videos!

Anonymous said...

^^Hey Andy

Guess what?!?! Turns out I'm going even earlier than Feb. 30!! I'm going Opening Night!! and I asked so I could stay in the same seat sooooo...........

I will be sitting on your lap LOL! Your seat won't be that mysterious now sorry! lol

On another note....Yep St.Ives I think is so beautiful so I put it as my fav place to be...although Cornwall in general is probably my favorite place to be, best holiday i've had hopefully i'll go again one day:) and that's so weird you just went last week!


PS. If life is so fair how come you've seen Siobhan and I haven't LOL!!

Andy said...


That's great Jess. I'm sure opening night is going to be a sell out so if you sit on my lap that means one extra person can get in lol.

St.Ives really is a great place. The quaint little streets, the beautiful beaches and the harbour. I hope you get to go again one day.

I did shout out 'Jess loves you Siobhan' at the end of the show. Which is strange because I didn't know you back then lol.

I don't know whether you watch any tennis or just play but I was up late last night watching Brit Andy Murray knock World #3 Novak Djockovic out of the Toronto Masters; great stuff. Unfortunately Murray plays Rafa Nadal tonight in the Semis so I very much doubt he'll get any further.


Anonymous said...

LOL do you know another Jess then? that's really funny :)

I play tennis for fun and watch Wimbledon every morning during early summer it's good times haha! There isn't too much coverage of it over here besides Wimbledon, or not that I know of.

I play softball on a team and i can definately say that I'm amazing at it lmao! Best Fielder Ever! lol but i can't watch it it's so boring and the women on there are so scary looking!! ROFL!!


Opening Night will be amazing!! Rachel will spot us out right away I'm sure :)

Andy said...

I actually go to Wimbledon every year. If the camera picked me out in the crowd you may have seen me on TV lol. Of course you don't know what I look like so you'd never know lol.

We don't get any coverage of softball over here; as far as I know it's not played in the UK. I'm sure we'll see you fielding in the US national team soon lol.

I play a little tennis, golf and snooker but my main passion is soccer; I'll call it soccer because thats probably how you know it. I play in a 5-A-Side soccer league every other Sunday but we're in the off season at the moment.

I'm a striker and like you I'd have to say I'm the best lol.


PS. Opening night will be amazing and Rachel will probably spot you straight away. However she might have more difficulty with me as you're sat on my lap. I'll have to hold a sign up above your head with an arrow pointing down saying 'Andy is here' lol.

Anonymous said...

YAY! Jess I didn't know you were in the US too! I'm not the only one! I seriously thought I was borderline holding down the front on this continent!

Anonymous said...


I dunno if the whole talk of you going over for opening is true...

But I know I'm not going, but I wanna arrange to have flowers delivered. I figure maybe since we're both repping the US and all, we could go in together? Lemme know! Email:

jo said...

Hey jess, i just wanted to compliment you on the amazing fan video that you made for rachel, i think its absolutly amazing, and it really moved me, i cannot stop watching it lol!!

Also its cool that you are also really into your sport, just like a lot of rachel fans, i am a complete sport addict as well, but i am more into football and basketball, i have never actually played softball though but would love to try. I am actually going off to university to study secondary school p.e teaching, which is why i can't make rachel's opening night, damn my stupid career!! so maybe i will get to have a go at softball there!!

jo xx

jo said...

yer it must suck living in a different country, but its awesome that racel has got so many dedicated fans like you worldwide!! I would love to come over to the u.s some time i have never been, and obviously because basketball is really big out there as well, i would love to come over.

I think softball is similar to rounders, but they have their differences, to be honest from playing baseball on my nintendo wii, i don't relly understand the rules and what is going on lol.

Great meeting you 2 jess, you sound and seem like a really cool person!!!

jo xx

David said...

If you fancy hooking up on Facebook, our pages are: (David) (Andy)

jo said...

hey jess, hows the fan video going for daniel boys lol?? I must say i was not as hooked to any dream will do as i was to i'd do anything, i didn't really start watching it till about the final 6 joseph's. However i have watched some of daniel's performances and he like rachel i noticed has an amazing talent and was also born for the west end.

However i was supporting lee in the end, because as i said i didnt really see much of daniel as i started watching the show late, and also lee is from my home town as well lol!!!

I went to see joseph the other week, and i must say that it was absolutly amazing, lee mead made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up on end!!

I take it you were as big a fan of any dream will do as you are of i'd do anything. I do wish that i watched the whole series of any dream will do, as i got really into it towards the end!

jo xx