Saturday, 26 July 2008

Chris Johnson

And this is Sapphire my Border Collie!




Self Employed Hot Tub Distributor & Installer

Worthing, UK

Favourite Bands/Singers
Manic St Preachers


Favourite Songs
Here With Me - Dido
Dreadlock Holiday - Denial 10CC
Upside Down - Diana Ross

Favourite Sports/Teams
Football / Stoke City
Formula 1

Favourite Foods

Favourite Movies
James Bond (All of them!)
4 Weddings & a Funeral
Gregory's Girl

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)
Kelly Brook
Kate Ford

Favourite TV Programs
Doctor Who
Coronation Street
The Apprentice
+ Any Sport

Favourite Places
Britania Stadium - Home of Stoke City
Any stage with Rachel on it!

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA
I'm With You
Oh What a Night

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA
Killing Me Softly - Jessie

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment
DVO Reaction to Cabaret

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment
Sam being eliminated!


Andy said...

Hi Chris

Sorry about the delay in adding you to the Team.

It's not just because your a Stoke fan; honest lol. I hope you have a great season in the Premiership.

My email spam tray swallowed up your message and I only found it by chance a couple of minutes ago.

I'm going to have to have a good look through to make sure I haven't lost any other applications the same way.

I don't know whether you were joking but if you want to do a small write up on 'Betting on Rachel' then please feel free. Fresh news is thin on the ground at the moment so it could make a nice filler at some stage.

Nice to have you onboard.


David said...

Chris -- welcome aboard!

Liking that music taste and the 'Gregory's Girl' film choice. A bit of a cult movie but an absolute classic.

Also loving the favourite non-Rachel IDA moment -- it was the elephant in the room that none of us dared mention!

Anonymous said...

Awwww poor Sam :( it's not her fault ALW made the stupidest decision ever LOL!

And hello Chris (waves) you happen to love one of my favorite songs as well! I just didn't have room to mention it haha :)

Chris Worthing said...

Hello all-proud to be a member of Team Tucker and hopefully contribute to the site and get to know loads more Rachel fans!
Andy will email you a small filler in the next couple of days.
David-Id never mention elephants and the contestant that came third in the same breath lol!
and Jmor-that decision was WELL STUPID,but in the long run its probably the best thing that could have happened..

David said...

If you fancy hooking up on Facebook, our pages are: (David) (Andy)

Chris Worthing said...

yes,sure,will do David.I must admit,up to now,Ive only really used facebook for the scrabble so would be good to start getting to know a few different people....and of course spread the Rachel message!