Monday, 3 January 2050

Andy Taylor

Just in case you hadn't guessed the picture below isn't me lol; it's my dog 'Max'. He's a massive fan of Rachel's too.

Pictures in your profile are completely optional but if you'd like to include one in yours just send it me as an attachment in an email and I'll add it in.





Self Employed Bookkeeper


Bristol, UK

Favourite Bands, Singers & Performers

Rachel Tucker
Carrie Underwood

Favourite Songs

One Way Ticket, Carrie Underwood
Carry On My Wayward Son, Kansas
Tote End Boys, Ben Gunstone

Favourite Sports/Teams

Football / Bristol Rovers
Tennis / Andy Murray
Formula 1

Favourite Foods


Favourite Movies

Back to the Future (1985)

Favourite Pin Up (Other than Rachel!)

Isla Fisher
Emma Stone

Favourite TV Programs
The Apprentice

Favourite Books

Dark Tower Series by Stephen King

Favourite Places

Memorial Stadium - Home of Bristol Rovers
Padstow, Cornwall

Favourite 3 Rachel Solo Performances on IDA

About You Now
Oh What a Night

Favourite Non Rachel Performance on IDA

Another Suitcase in Another Hall - Niamh & Rachel Sing Off

Favourite Rachel IDA Moment

Jaws Joke

Favourite Non Rachel IDA Moment

 Niamh "If all else fails pull up your skirt"

I've Got Tickets To See Rachel On:
Saturday 27th October 2012

My Seat in the Theatre - Row / Number:


jo said...

hey andy, great idea for you and david to set up our own little team tucker, i think its awesome that all of rachel's fans can use it and get to know each other a bit better!! Thanks for updating the information and the individual blogs, you and david are doing a brilliant job as always!

jo xx

Andy said...

Hi Jo

With all the compliments me and David have had about the blog we'll have a hard job getting our heads through the theatre door on Sep 22nd lol.

Team Tucker came about because of fans suggestions really.

Everybody here has a profile which makes interacting with other fans easier. It gives you a starting point and something to talk about.

Obviously we all love Rachel but now we can all see what other interests we have in common.

Without fans like you the blog wouldn't be the success that it is.


David said...

Hey Andy

We've been working together for over two months but this is the first time I've seen what you look like. Very handy to know for opening night and Max looks like a real character.

You got me -- I did sneak a couple more 'favourite Rachel moments' into my profile. I had huge problems as every second she was on IDA was a favourite for me. Could I also include the BBC Breakfast interview as that was just so 'Rachel'?

Great to see Team Tucker up and running and thanks also for the opening night counter!


Andy said...

You're right about Max David, he can be a right little rascal when he wants to be. Don't let that cute little face fool you lol.

I'm sure nobody would have any objections to you adding in Rachel's BBC breakfast interview to your favourite moments.

Yeah the counter looks good but I can't wait until I have to remove it when it hits ZERO.

Kristin Nicole said...

Max is adorable! We had a Westie too, Abbie...but we had to put her down about two weeks ago :(

Max looks a lot like her though, brings back nice memories!

Hmmmm I'll have to dig up a decent pic to send you to add to mine now :)

Anonymous said...

Great pics Andy, I actually pictured you with glasses lol!

Max seems to have taken over your couch!

Andy said...


I don't actually wear glasses that much Jess; just for driving and sometimes at soccer matches. I am only very slightly short sighted so I can manage without them most of the time.

I’ll be wearing them on Rachel’s opening night though so that’s why I decided to put them on for the photo.

I expect I’ll need to wear them more as time goes on.

Some people actually look better in glasses but unfortunately I’m not sure I’m one of those people. Still I managed to find a pair that I quite like so it’s not all bad lol.

Max climbs on everything; he's like a cat. He actually climb up the back of the chairs and sit on the narrow bit at the top; crazy dog lol.

That isn't my couch by the way; that photo was taken at a Travelodge. I think it might have been St Austell, Cornwall; although I could be wrong about that because they all look pretty much the same.

Kristin Nicole said...

Thanks Andy :) She was 11, and had had a great life. She went into kidney failure in April and rallied for a while and then just went so far downhill we couldn't bear to see her in pain anymore. She was a great dog though! She used to sleep on the backs of the couch/chairs too! Must be a Westie thing!

ChrisH said...

Thanks for the comment on my profile Andy, I'm really chuffed that my idea has taken off so successfully! Anything I can do to help, I will..... fair to say that "I'd Do Anything" for Rachel!

I had asked David whether the Dominion Theatre allowed people in to watch rehearsals and they said no, but I wonder, if we got Rachel herself on side and made it an official day trip, if they would soften their attitudes..... probably not but what a day out that would be. Wonder if we can get a petition going?

Not sure how Oldham will fare this year to be honest, actually living in Epsom I don't see a great deal of them any more. I'd personally rather pay to watch Rachel once a week than Oldham, any day!

I reckon we'll do our usual - offer moments that suggest we might be play-off material but then slump to mid-table obscurity.

How about Rovers, do you reckon you'll have a good one?


susie said...

hi ,rachels brother has a little dog just like yours!!

Andy said...

Thanks for the information Susie.

It's nice to know Rachel might have a Westie in the family; they're lovely dogs.

Andy said...

The football season has started again and after finishing last season with the worst home record in the football league, Rovers kicked off the new campaign with another home defeat.

After taking an early lead we eventually went down 3-2 to Carlisle United.

However I am finding Rachel's IDA videos are an excellent cure for depression LOL.

ChrisH said...

Well I take that back about not paying to see Oldham, great comeback in the last 20 minutes to do Millwall 4-3.... better luck to Rovers in your next game!

Andy said...

Yeah that was an incredible comeback Chris. To win 4-3 after being 3-1 down with just 16 minutes to go takes some doing.

Rovers next game is away at Watford in the Carling Cup tomorrow night - I'll be there - so I think we'll need plenty of luck if we're going to win that one.

Andy said...

Well Rovers went dow 1-0 to a last minute goal at Watford last Tuesday so thats the end of our Carling cup dreams for another year lol.

Thankfully we did pick up our first point of the season on Saturday when we came from a goal down to draw 1-1 at Brighton. In truth we should have won, Rickie Lambert hit the post and cross bar before finally scoring 3 minutes from time.

It's Hereford at home next and we have got to be looking for all 3 points from that one.

ChrisH said...

Hi Andy,

Well it's the big one tomorrow night - are you going?

I won't be able to make it obviously with it being a weekday, but I was at Boundary Park on Saturday to witness a very creditable and deserved draw against Leicester.

May the best team win tomorrow!


Andy said...

Yes I'll be there Chris.

To be honest I don't fancy our chances. We seem to be playing better away from home again this season.

I'd be more than happy with a point given your good form.

Lets hope for a good game.